1. SMILE! This is not calculus or brain surgery. There are NO MISTAKES.  Dancing is like your wedding night…whatever happens it’s all good.
  2. Hold your partner like you mean it…firm but gentle.  Pretend your partner is a small child you are holding- you would use strong but soft arms and hands.
  3. Don’t have your feet flat on the floor. Just like a shortstop in baseball or a tennis player, in dancing you are always anticipating and more or less on the balls of your feet.
  4. If you don’t know what dance to do to a song…trial and error is fine.  Sometimes a song can have several dances done to it. Pick the one you think is smoothest and make it happen.
  5. Verbal Cues are FINE.   If you want your partner to do something you can verbalize to make it easier.
  6. Men stand up straight…Women like guys who look confident and know what they are doing.
  7. When you are driving practice visualizing a dance to the song you are listening too.  It makes it easier when you hear a song at the dance. If you can watch the dance DVD and practice a little. Dancing is a muscle-memory exercise so the more you practice the smooooooother you will get.
  8. Follow the line of dance. Pretend it is NASCAR race-  keep to the outside and go left. Both partners need to look out for potential collisions on the dance floor, helping each other out.
  9. In social dancing, the man leads and the lady responds to that lead. Ladies need to wait for the man to lead the move. Men, don’t bore your partner. Experiment with moves…make it fun for both of you.
  10. A social dance is NOT a judged competition. No one will be judging your dance… relax and have fun.