Wedding Songs


It Is You (I Have Loved)-Waltz…Dana Glover-Ballroom Fantasy version

Now and Forever- Foxtrot- Richard Marx

Falling Into You…Rumba-Celine Dion

Fly Me to the Moon -Foxtrot-Frank Sinatra

MoreFoxtrot- Frank Sinatra

Hey Baby– Swing-Bruce Channel

Wedding Bell Tango– Tango- Unknown (See Me I have It)

Wind Beneath My WingsFoxtrot- Bette Milder

Just The Way You Look TonightFoxtrot-Frank Sinatra

Wonderful World- Foxtrot-Louie Armstrong

Close to You- Foxtrot- The Carpenters

Days of Wine and Roses- Foxtrot- Frank Sinatra

I Believe– Josh Groban- Slow Foxtrot


Sunrise/Sunset-Waltz-From Fiddler on the Roof

Through the Years-Foxtrot- Kenny Rogers

You are the Sunshine of my Life- Quick Foxtrot- Stevie Wonder

Forever Young- Quick Foxtrot- Rod Stewart

Butterfly Kisses– Foxtrot- Bob Carlisle (Father/Daughter)


Hit The Road, Jack

Stray Cat Strut

Return to Sender


The Nightmare

End of The Line

Need a Lover

Somebody’s Crying…by Chris Isaak

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