Dance Wording

    Dance Wording

Swing: Basic (left down, right down, pick it up), close, turn-the girl, go-through, cheap thrill. ADVANCED STEPS. Cool move, cuddle (the man puts the lady on his right hip), inside-turn, swivel step.

Tango: Basic (slide, slide, TANGO close), On-the-hip, Walk and cross, Walk and apart (go forward on your inside foot), corte’. ADVANCED STEPS Ochero (lady comes forward on their right and the man goes back on his left and they make the figure eightwith their feet); Rock step (left, right …left rock step…right rock step…tango close)

Cha Cha: Basic (one, two, cha cha cha, back two cha cha cha), Open up, Boys turn and Girls turn, ADVANCED STEPS – Inside open up, Turn the girl from the close; Cha cha walk; The Chase (remember the person who turns changes feet)

Foxtrot: Basic (step touch, step touch, side together), change of direction, ADVANCED STEPS– Promenade, zig-zag step

Waltz: Basic (step touch, back touch, forward side together, back side together), Turn the girl, Turning waltz, Traveling waltz (the basic and box going forward), ADVANCED STEPS– Junior waltz (man goes forward on his left and the lady goes back on the right…the man goes back on his right and the lady comes forward on her right); Twinkle

Rumba: Basic (forward hesitate, back hesitate), Turn the girl, Open up (remember take an extra step to the boys right girls left); Parallel (remember take an extra step to the boys right girls left)

Mambo: Basic (Down and up and back and up), Out and in, Salsa, Turn the girl from the closed position, the “Cabana Boy” move where the guy is holding the girls hands and is doing the basic

Two-Step: Basic (left, right, quick-step), turn the girl, cheap thrill, shotish, promenade

Merengue: Eight times to the left, turn the girl (eight little steps); go apart and come together; two steps and then a rock step.

Polka: One two three and two two three, turn the girl, cheap thrill, heal toe…one two three…to the left…and then heal toe with the right foot and a one two three to the right.

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