Very Danceable Songs (Swing/Cha Cha/Foxtrot)


1. Hey Baby-Bruce Chanel
2. In the Mood- Glen Miller
3. Great Balls of Fire- Jerry Lee Lewis
4. Opus One- The Mills Brothers
5. Johnny B Goode- Chuck Berry
6. All Shook Up- Elvis
7. Don’t Be Cruel- Elvis
8. Centerfield- John Fogarty


1. Smooth- Santana
2. Tragedy- Enrique Iglesias
3. Unchain My Heart- Joe Cocker
4. Telephone- Lady Ga Ga
5. Poker Face- Lady Ga Ga
6. Sweet for my Sweets- The Drifters

7. Cake by the Ocean

8. Uptown Funk- Bruno Mars


1. Fly Me To The Moon- Frank Sinatra

2. More- Frank Sinatra

3. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me- Mel Carter

4. Summer Wind-Frank Sinatra

5. Can’t Help Falling In Love- Elvis

6.The Days of Wine and Roses- Frank Sinatra

7. Close To You- The Carpenters

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